On 2nd December 2013 took place in Athens the Kick off meeting of the Resiland project.

Besides the referents of the partner organisations  (Antonia Torrens (KMOP), Maria Markaki (KMOP), Maria Pothoulaki (KMOP), Fotis Roussakis (KMOP), Vassia Karkantzou (KMOP), Pippo Costella (DCI-IT), Gabriella Gallizia (DCI-IT), Ana Cardoso (CESIS), Martina Andreeva (Hors la Rue)) some members of the Advisory Group participated to the discussion in order to orient the methodology: Julia O’Connell Davidson, Virginia Murillo Herrera, Daja Wenke, Lars Lööf, Natale Losi.

The methodological protocol will be ready by the end of February and a second parnership meeting will be organised in order to include a  short training of researchers who will participate in the consultative activities.

Agenda of the meeting




The RESILAND initiative aims at implementing a 24-month process to reinforce participation, capacities and resilience of Children on the Move as key dimensions for their effective protection from trafficking and exploitation. 

The project will develop its action through the following interlinked set of activities:

1) Empowering Children on the Move who are at risk of trafficking and exploitation, implemented in 4 countries and based on a participatory methodology including 12 focus groups with children and 12 consultations with social workers, in order to put in place a process to reinforce:

Previous projects: 

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