On October 19th 2015, professionals and officials working with and for children on the move, academics, and NGO stakeholders from 11 European countries attended a Round Table Meeting in Brussels, that served to share and reflect upon the final research results of the EU-funded project ‘RESILAND – Participation, capacities and resilience of children on the move against trafficking and exploitation’.

Specific issues that were addressed concerned aspects with regard to strengthening the participation, capacities and resilience of children on the move as a key investment for their protection from trafficking and exploitation. Concurrently, the meeting focused on issues pertaining to the enhancement of EU strategies in the field, put emphasis on policy implications, capitalized on the scientific work of the RESILAND project and provided the space to discuss how project outcomes may lead to improved national child protection systems. Important input to the discussion was provided by the two main scientific outputs of the project, namely the RESILAND Safety Map and the booklet on Orientations for Professionals.

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