cesis logo CESIS  is a non-governmental, independent organisation of researchers from a range of disciplinary backgrounds concerned to promote evidence-based, policy-relevant research at both national and European level. Founded in 1992 CESIS’ team working experience dates back from 1986 when its first publications on poverty played a major role in launching this line of research in the scientific community in Portugal and, at the same time, by giving a major contribution to public and political awareness of the phenomena of impoverishment in the Portuguese society. 

Since then CESIS' activities have tried to deepen and enlarge this scope of research through the dissemination of results aiming at its wider and better use; a direct action in promoting an evidence-based definition of efficient policies for eradicating processes of social marginalization/exclusion; an increased visibility of the needs and expectations of marginalized and excluded people.

In this perspective, CESIS has defined the following main objectives: To contribute, through research, to the understanding of social reality, namely with regard to situations of impoverishment and social exclusion; To contribute towards the establishment and implementation of policies of human development and social promotion; To stimulate the participation of citizens in the processes of their development and social promotion; To promote training programmes with the goal of improving the capability for social intervention at various levels; To promote the dissemination of studies and/or innovative experiences in the area of social promotion.

Guided by these objectives, CESIS proposes to promote, carry out and support: Research and action-research projects; Consultancy; Meetings, seminars and other training sessions; Training programmes; Publishing; Documentation and information service.

CESIS activity is based on a multi-disciplinary approach with the regular co-operation of researchers from the different areas of the social sciences: sociology, economy, psychology, anthropology, law, social work. Among the areas of research and action-research that have secured a continuity of programmes and projects, giving rise to research reports, seminar exposés, articles and books and pedagogical tools, the following are worth mentioning: Children and youth; Poverty and social inclusion; Labour and employment; Working conditions; Social dialogue; Ageing and older people; Mobility, migration and ethnic minorities; Homeless people; Gender equality; Time use and work life balance; Gender-based violence; Social enterprises; Social policies and social protection.


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