Defence for Children International is an international human rights organization that has been promoting and protecting children’s rights for 30 years.The Italian section was founded in 2005.

Defence for Children International Italy, in connection with its International network and the International Secretariat, focuses its actions on activities concerning juvenile justice and children in conflict with the law, migration, child protection.


Defence for Children Italy main activities consists in:

  • Analysis and research, to understand which are the elements that determine the violation of the human rights of the child; Information, sensitization, training: to create awareness, understanding and skills;
  • Report of violations in order to immediately put a stop to abuse and take on the responsibilities for a change;
  • Promotion of proposals to orient policies, laws and strategies;
  • Development of pilot projects for the identification of good practices that can be replicated.


Headoffice: Via Dacia 32 c/o Admeliora - 00183 Roma

Administrative & Direction office: Piazza della Meridiana 2/27 - 00183 Genova
Telefono/Fax  +39 010 0899051