Natale Losi, PhD, family psychotherapist, medical anthropologist and sociologist, has extensive professional experience in various countries, having worked in Africa (Mali and Ethiopia); in the Balkans (Bosnia, Albania, Kosovo, Serbia); Switzerland (Mâitre d’Enseignement et Recherche at the University of Geneva); Italy, in Milan and in Perugia as professor at the university. He is the founder of the Psychosocial and Cultural Integration Unit of the International Organization for Migration, Geneva and Rome.
Through his clinical and academic experience he has developed the ethno-systemic-narrative approach that includes memory and narration, especially within migrant communities, as a fundamental tool of cultural integration and resilience. Such ideas are discussed in his titles that include: Lives Elsewhere, Migration and Psychic Malaise. Karnac, London, 2006; Archives of Memory, supporting traumatized communities through narration and remembrance, (Ed), IOM, Geneva, 2001, Vite Altrove, Migrazione e Disagio Psichico, Rome, 2010. He is presently the Director of the Ethno-Systemic-Narrative School of psychotherapy of Rome (