Virginia Murillo Herrera is the Executive President of Defensa de Niñas y Niños Internacional-Costa Rica (Defence for Children International-Costa Rica and Board Member of DCI Spain). Along with being a Board Member of Global March Against Child Labour, Regional coordinator of the Plataforma Subregional sobre Trabajo infantil y Adolescente, Virginia is an independent expert of the UN High Commissioner of Human Rights (UNHCHR). An experience researcher and coordinator of different regional networks a initiatives; she also has been in different key international and regional Executive Boards of different international, regional and national organizations.

Virginia has over 23 years of experience in the field of Human Rights, development and international cooperation. She has a wide range of expertise in areas covering Human Rights, local development, Inclusive and Secured Societies, Child Rights, Local Development, Gender, Non Discrimination, Violence Against Children, Child Labour, Juvenile Justice, Health, Child Slavery, Child Trafficking, Migration. Experience on M&E, Building Capacities, Networking, Advocacy, Public Policies and National Protection Systems. A sociologist by training, Virginia holds a Masters in Public Management of Local Development and a Specialization on Preventing Violence at Local Level.